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We are a friendly UK web design and development company with offices in Biggin, Ashbourne (Derbyshire), Worcester and London. We believe passionately that we can provide you with the best website for your business!

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If you are starting-up, or running a company that sells services or even products (with longer sales cycles), then you're in the right place! We work with small-medium businesses e.g. software solutions companies, coaches, consultants, accountants, as well as non-profits and clubs. Please see some examples below...

11th April 2014

Hopefully if you're reading this you already have Google Analytics set up on your website and have access to your Google Analytics reports.

We are happy to provide all our customers...

11th April 2014

As of the 1st January 2007 a company must state the following on all its websites:

  • Company Name
  • Its place of registration (most often England & Wales)
  • ...

Refer & EARN

Your time and effort spent in recommending or introducing us to one of your clients/contacts is very valuable and we really appreciate that. We are therefore very happy to be offering a referral scheme!

  1. choose how you want to be rewarded (charity donation, wine, commission)
  2. you make the introduction
  3. as soon as possible after the client pays us, you receive your reward

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Fredericks Foundation
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